Shower Filter

A small unit is installed on the shower to remove harmful chlorine from bathing water and to avoid hair loss.

To protect you and protect the family from the dangerous effect of chlorine during bathing, it has been proven that when bathing with hot water, chlorine in the water leaks into the body through the pores of the skin as well as by inhalation, causing serious diseases in addition to the chlorine harmful effect on the skin also leads to Chlorine to hair loss. Not only chlorine is the risk in shower water but also fungi, bacteria, salts, minerals and iron also have harmful effects on the skin and public health, and we offer you this filter with the quality mark and approval of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (NSF) as well as the approval of the World Health Organization, ISO quality. This filter is installed on the shower directly without the need for connections or specialist technician for installation and this filter removes these pollutants through the internal candle, which consists of the following:


Layer of activated carbon.

A layer of calcium sulphate.

Layer of KDF material.